Online Speedometer Free Best tool – Use, How it works, GPS speedometer

What is an online speedometer?

A speedometer is an instrument that measures a vehicle’s traveling velocity or speed. The unit of vehicle speed measurements is Kilometer/ Hour (kph), Miles/ Hour (MPH), Meter/ Seconds, etc. The speedometer helps in knowing and maintaining the sensible pace of the vehicle and helps in preventing potential accidents.

A free online speedometer is a handy tool that can be used in emergency situations like vehicle speedometer is nonfunctional and till you reach the mechanic’s store to get it repaired. Moreover, it has the flexibility to use the desired unit according to your requirement.

How will the Online Speedometer help you?

You do not know, but an Online Speedometer is available in your pocket. This Online Speedometer helps you find your real-time speed in Meter/Sec (kph), Miles/Hr (MPH), and KM/Hr. No installation is needed. Use it right away!

How does this Online Speedometer work?

An online speedometer is a Lightweight web-based tool. The tool uses device GPS functionality to calculate the traveling speed when the device is in motion. In order to use the tool, location or navigation permission needs to be enabled by the user, per the below screenshot.

Online Speedometer GPS permission
Online Speedometer GPS permission

Once you allow the permission, it will show the traveling speed as below. This online tool shows the speed in three units, viz. Kilometer/ Hour (kph), Miles/ Hour (MPH), and Meter/ Second. To see the speed in the different units, click on the respective buttons provided underneath the speedometer. If the unit does not update after clicking the button, refresh the browser once to get the desired unit.

Online GPS Speedometer look
Free Online GPS Speedometer

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When is this tool helpful?  

If your vehicle’s speedometer malfunctions and you are not sure at what speed you are driving or riding, this online speedometer is helpful.

When traveling on the bus, train, or boat, or you are not near the driving seat, this online speedometer will help you know your traveling speed.

This tool may provide a rough estimate of speed when your vehicle’s speedometer is not functioning and will help to avoid getting speeding tickets.

Important notice: The Speedometer tools on this website are for informational use only. Make sure to use your vehicle’s speedometer to confirm your actual driving speed. Again, the speedometer feature is merely for informational purposes and should not be used as a replacement for an actual speedometer installed in your vehicle.

Even without a speedometer, a good driver can estimate how fast they are traveling.

Which browser supports this tool?

Most of the current version browsers support this tool, such as Google Chrome. However, some browsers and devices may have support issues with geoLocation API.

If the tool is not working on your browser, make sure you have given GPS permission to both the Browser and Web Page. Or, try with another browser.

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What is a GPS speedometer, and how does it measures the speed with an Online Speedometer

Vehicle speedometers traditionally available work on mechanical, electromechanical, or electrical principles. The speedometer is used to measure the speed of water vehicles such as boats that work on pitot tubes. With all these technologies, there are possible inaccuracies because of many variable factors.

A GPS speedometer or positional speedometer came into the picture in such scenarios. GPS speedometer uses the relative position change of the vehicle. Irrespective of transportation mode, water, or land, a GPS speedometer utilizes a signal receiver to communicate with satellites and provides details regarding how fast you are traveling.

GPS devices can measure speeds in two ways:

Method 1: The device measures how far the GPS signal receiver has moved since the last GPS measurement reading was captured.

Method 2: Capturing the moving range of the GPS signal and averaging all the measurements. 


Traditional speedometers (mechanical or electrical) have their own limitations and errors because of various factors. Similarly, a GPS speedometer may give inaccurate results if signals are weak. However, in both readings, there isn’t a huge, to be honest.