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How fast am I going?


Find your Speed with this online GPS-based Speedometer

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You just give GPS Permission to this Online Speedometer Free Tool and you will be able to get your current speed in Km/hr, Miles/hr (MPH), and Meter/Second without installing any app on your device.

This web tool site aims to facilitate a simple, lightweight, easy, and suitable means to determine how fast you are traveling in any vehicle at any given point of time or at any moment. Many tools concentrate on computing speed by entering data; however, this site utilizes a GPS tool and information from your mobile device to determine your speed. This is a handy, all-time available, mobile, and web-based speedometer. It's easier, quicker, and more suitable than other sites and apps. This is a speedometer without any installation of any application on your device.

How Does an Online Speedometer Work?

A speedometer is an instrument utilized to measure a vehicle's contemporaneous or instantaneous speed. What is the meaning of instantaneous speed? Instantaneous speed means the speed of a thing at a particular point in time. Therefore, when you get an instantaneous speedometer reading, for example, traveling at 80 Miles Per Hour, you would travel at the same speed consistently for one hour.

In most cases, it is challenging to maintain consistent traveling speed because of traffic, weather conditions, sped breakers, traffic signals, and various circumstances. Therefore, in this scenario, traveling speed varies from time to time.

Traditional speedometer works on the principle of magnets encased in a wire coil. This arrangement is made in such a way that it will measure the speed of vehicles such as cars, bikes, etc. when the vehicle is in motion, and the gear spins.

These types of speedometers will display speed using an electromechanical mechanism or convert it into digital readings using a microprocessor or chips.

In this modern technology age, there are more accurate ways of speed measurements, such as this site's web-based, GPS-based speedometer.

GPS functionalities are builtin into most smartphones, i.e., iPhone or Android.

When you want to know "How fast am I going?" your mobile phone has the capability to swiftly analyze the changes in your location. It can calculate your approximate speed with a simple calculation, such as dividing the distance traveled by a unit of time. But you will wonder where that calculation will be displayed; the answer is this site,

It is possible because most smartphones use GPS data for many functionalities and are also perfectly suitable to be speedometers.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS provides positioning and navigation coordinates using a global network of satellites. GPS coordinates are calculated based on the signal sent and received by the device. In the traditional speedometers, speed computation is dependent on electromagnetic and electromechanical components, and in GPS-based speedometers, it is dependent on GPS signals.

What is an online speedometer?

Lightweight online, GPS-based tool measures the vehicle's traveling speed in kph (Kilometer/ Hour), mph (Miles/ Hour), Meter/ Seconds, etc.

How is Speed Calculated?

Speed is calculated using the distance traveled and time. The formula for calculating speed is dividing the total distance by total time. Unit of speed measurements is miles per hour (Miles/Hr), kilometers per hour (KM/Hr), feet per second, and meters per second (Meter/Sec).

The provides a facility to measure speed in Meter/Sec, Miles/Hr, and KM/Hr.

Speed calculation example: Suppose you have reached your destination in one hour and the distance traveled is 60 kilometers; your average traveling speed was 60 kilometers/ hour.

How is Online Speedometer useful?

A free online speedometer is a handy tool during emergencies when the vehicle speedometer is nonfunctional. You can use it until you reach the mechanic's store to get it repaired. Moreover, it has the flexibility to use the desired unit according to your requirement. Online Speedometer kph, Online Speedometer mph, and Online Speedometer meter per second.

The Online Speedometer shows the speed in which the units?

Online Speedometer kph Online Speedometer mph Online Speedometer meter per second

Where can this Online Speedometer be used?

An Online Speedometer can act as a Car Speedometer, Bilke Speedometer, Cycle Speedometer, Train Speedometer (passengers can play around and enjoy the trip), Boat Speedometer, Pedestrian Speedometer, etc.

Are GPS speedometers accurate?

You must be thinking that How accurate are GPS speedometers? The general assumption is that physical speedometers are more accurate; however, the electromechanical and traditional speedometers have many factors that contribute to inaccuracies as it involves many components, and each one works within its sphere of error.

However, GPS speedometers are more accurate, assuming there is a clear view of the sky, as there are minimal factors involved that couls contribute to an error.

Can I use Online Speedometer for the train speed measurement?

Yes, the person sitting on the train can determine train speed through this Online Speedometer.

How to use Online speedometer in kph?

Click on the provided button on the tool to select the speed in kph, speed in mph, or meter/ second.

Is any App installation needed to use the Online Speedometer?

To use this online digital speedometer can be used without any app installation. In addition, this online speedometer is entirely free.

What can a Speedometer be used for?

Most common use of speedometer is to use to measure the speed of vehicles to know how fast vehicle is travelling; however, use of speedometer does not ends there.

Runners, cyclers, joggers measures their speed to understand their speeds and to prepares themselves accordingly to optimize their speed. Traditioanlly it was being done using watches or timers but now we have GPS based tools in your pocket to meaure speed. This site is one of them that can be used to measure the travelling speed.

Is this an online speedometer GPS speedometer? works based on GPS. If you want to use it, make sure that you have turned in the GPS location of your device.

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